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The Art of You Retreat ~ winter edition

February 22th till 26th in the Netherlands

In the end of February, in an old Cigar Factory in the South of the Netherlands, something magical is happening.

A creative, connective and playful journey you don’t want to miss!

Imagine a small intimate group of people, gathered together when winter is ending and just before spring arrives. They take the last cold moments of stillness to go inside and explore in which ways they want to start blooming this year. Who do they want to be, what do they want to do, which colours do they want to create their lives with?

Imagine them connecting to their bodies, creativity and playfulness. Each one of them creating their own personal piece of art.

You are imagining the Art of You Retreat ~ Winteredition! Let us tell you all about it..

The Art of You – Retreat

In the Art of You Retreat we combine Yoga and Soul Art® in order tot connect deeply to our bodies, to our blockages and desires, to ourselves. We will create a safe and warm environment for exploration and sharing. It will be a profound, playful and fun journey!

The Art of You Retreat is something I’d recommend to everyone! The Yoga and the Soul Art Bodymapping together make a wonderful complementary program. Lieke and Dechen made sure I felt welcome and could be myself.” – Marjolijn

Our magical location

We are happy that In De Sigarenfabriek, an old Cigar Factory in the South of The Netherlands is opening her doors for us. The old building that used to smell like sigars, now smells like palo santo and incense.

When you enter the Factory, you will immediately feel the warm ambiance. The original wooden floors, the bedrooms that feel like castle rooms, the dining room with it´s beautiful big windows and the shala that makes you feel like you are in a warm, far away country. In the Cigar Factory you will forget about the outside world for a while.

The perfect location to retreat yourself and go on a playfull inner journey with your inner artist, to find the Art of You.

Who we are

Dechen and Lieke. Aunt and niece. Artist and Yoga teacher. Both of us are very interested in self-development and spirituality. Both warm, loving, positive women with a laugh you won’t easily forget. And both of us found our own ways of guiding people in their paths ‘back to themselves’.

In our week retreat we gather our strengths, because we believe we have something special to offer together.

We will help you to use your body and your creativity to find a deeper connection with your higher self, with your own strength, with the art of you!

It will be a magical journey, we promise.

“A weekend with these great people who give you the safety to explore and be yourself. Everything is ok. You can laugh, dance, move, connect, cry, scream, love, eat (delicious)… I would advice everybody to give yourself this present. With this weekend I again came a little bit closer to my inner self, my being, my soul, my self love…” -Marisse Cardoll after an Art of You weekend retreat-

What Dechen has to offer:

Soul Art® -Create from the body, explore the Soul- Discover The Art of You through Soul Art

Soul Art® Bodymapping is for everyone, including you. It brings your inner artist to the surface in a wonderful way! Whether you are a professional artist or have never held a brush in your hands, your creativity will spontaneously start to flow during the process!

Soul Art® -developed by the Canadian artist Laüra Hollick- is a simple and playful process to access your inner, sometimes hidden world and wisdom through creativity. Soul Art Bodymapping helps you to deepen the connection with the amazing superpower we all have as human beings: creativity!

On this empowering magical journey to the Art of You Dechen, a certified Soul Art® guide, will be your Art-Shamana. She cultivates a sacred safe space for you to liberate your unique creative expression and celebrate who you are.

Dechen will guide you step by step through a proces to create a life size Bodymap which will reveal your inner landscape in outer form. Trusting your Creative Spirit you will find yourself being carried away by a spontaneous and playful flow of creativity.

“Dechen’s Soul Art Bodymapping workshop was for me one of my most special moments of the year. I recommend it to anyone who wants to get a little closer to themselves. The creativity really comes naturally and helps you to get beautiful insights!” – Renée van Gool

Your Soul Art Bodymap is like a mirror of your Soul: making the invisible visible. It is not about making a pretty picture or something that is aesthetically perfect. It’s about feeling your artwork, communicating with it and getting to know yourself better.

And the best thing is: everyone can do it! Soul Art is not a technique-based art form. This is not a drawing or painting class! No need to be a Picasso or a Frida Kahlo, you don’t need to have any prior artistic knowledge or skills. And if you do have them: just bring them along on this journey!

Wisdom gets another dimension when it comes from deep within yourself. From your creative spirit. I invite you to come along and experience that by yourself in this retreat.

All you need for a Soul Art Bodymapping workshop is the willingness to connect with your inner world and to express yourself.

Dechens Journey

Deze afbeelding heeft een leeg alt-atribuut; de bestandsnaam is theshellfie-dechenkata-theartofyou.jpg

As a born seeker with a great love for personal growth, I looked for answers outside of myself for a long time.

As a former Tibetan Buddhist nun and interpreter, I learned much from my dear gurus like the Dalai Lama. But still I lost myself somewhere along the way.

Through Soul Art® I connected back to my Creative Spirit, deepened my own wisdom and found my way back home to my own power place.

“Dechen Kata is a masterful Soul Artist® and Guide. She is gifted with the ability to take you on a soulful inner journey to rediscover your innate beauty and wisdom. With her pure divine light that she radiates from within, she catalyzes a whole new level of self-expression and freedom. Anyone who has the opportunity to work with her is truly fortunate.” – Q’orianka -Incan High Priestess, Medicine Woman & Transformational Guide alturasspiritualjourneys.com

What Lieke has to offer:


Listening to your body, to what it needs and desires, and a deep focus on your breath. Those aspects are important in Lieke’s yogaclasses.

I really enjoyed the peacefulness Lieke brings to her lessons. Lieke’s personality and her method of teaching are so nice and calming.

Lieke has created a different perspective on Yoga for me, realising I don’t have to be superflexible to be able to do yoga. Fréderique.

More important than the perfect executed yogapose, is to find the optimal position for your own body. What does your body need?

“Lieke is just such a good teacher and instructor. She knew about my physical challenges and she was always very mindful or giving alternatives…” -Emma

Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga is the oldest type of yoga. In Hatha yoga you keep poses for a couple of breaths. Static and strong. You will be guided through a series of asanas that help you to find the connection with your body and to gain strenght and flexibility.

In Lieke’s Hatha yogclasses she combines pranayama (breath), asana (physical poses) and meditation (silencing the mind).

“The retreat is an amazing opprtunity to reconnect with yourself and with other like minded. The activities help with the process of opening up and are beautiful. The Yoga was amazing and I loved the combination of Yin Yoga and Hatha Yoga. It was a great way to start and to end the day.” -Nathaly Mansvelt-

Yin Yoga

Yin yoga is a relatively new type of yoga in which the yogaposes are held for a longer time, often between 2 to 7 minutes. The focus lies in finding relaxation in sometimes challenging poses. As humans we are drawn to find solutions for something that feels uncomfortable, but sometimes the best solution is to completely feel through it, to let you breath help you in accepting the discomfort.

In Liekes Yin Yoga classes she guides you in a loving way in a series of deep asana’s. With the help of music, poetry, candles and scents, you will be invited to be present in the now.

“The yogaclass was amazing again. I felt super relaaaxeedd the whole night. Lieke is honestly an amazing teacher! I feel super inspired after her classes” – Laura

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra means Yogic sleep and it brings you to a state of conciousness in between sleeping and being awake. It’s a practice that can help to connect to yourself on a deep level, and it holds immense benefits for all those who struggle to let go, who struggle from a lack of sleep or anxiety or anyone who want to experiene a deeper sense of peace within themselves. While you lay in a relaxed Shavasana, you listen to a Yoga Nidra guided meditation. We don’t want to say much more about it, as it is something you need to experience rather than understand.

Acro Yoga

Next to Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra, Lieke loves to guide you into the playful world of Acroyoga. It is a combination of acrobatics and yoga that you do together with a partner, in which the connection with yourself and each other is crucial. You will be surprised what kind of acrobatic yogaposes you can help each other into! According to Lieke, Acroyoga is the perfect combination of playfullness, connection, harmony, balance and joy! That´s why she loves it soo much!

What we will offer together

Out of your head and into your body: –Soul Art Bodymapping & Yoga – a perfect combination! Your body is your home, your temple from birth until you breathe your last breath. It is in your body that all your life experiences and stories are stored. Your own body will be the basis for your art piece.

The Yoga classes will profoundly deepen the journey into your body and connect you with ease to the wisdom which your body holds.

Out of your thinking mind, into your body and from your body to your gorgeous Soul. Be reminded of the pure pleasure of playing like you did when you were a child. This retreat is an invitation to make art from a carefree perspective and with the playfulness of a child.

Young children allow themselves to go all the way in the creative process, they are absorbed in their own creative flow, they become playful and experience the joy of expressing themselves in art without dwelling too much on what the end product should be.

We love to help you (re)discover that state of playfulness and freedom.

Art of You Week Retreat schedule :

Wednesday February 22 until Sunday February 26

We start Wednesday 22th of February at 14.00 and finish Sunday 26th of February in the afternoon at 14.00! The exact schedule might change a little the coming months, but you can expect the days to more or less look like this:

*Day 1 – Wednesday 22 February*

  • 14.00 – Opening ceremony
  • 15.00 – Intention setting and Body Mapping
  • 18.00 – Dinner
  • 20.00 – Yin yoga
  • 22.00 – Lights off

*Day 2 – 3 – 4 *

  • 7.30 – Yoga Practice
  • 9.00 – Breakfast
  • 11.00 – 17.00 – Soul Art workshop with multiple breaks and free time
  • 18.00 – Dinner
  • 20.00 – Yoga Practice (optional cacao ceremony)

*Day 5 – Sunday 26th of February*

  • 7.30 – Yoga Practice
  • 9.00 – Breakfast
  • 11.00 – Insight & Spirit Action Soul Art
  • 13.00 – Closing Ceremony
  • 14.00 – Check Out

Accomodation at In The Sigarenfabriek

The Old Cigarfactory offers 3 types of Accomodation: The Directors Office (a private room), the cosy double room next to the dining area and the 4-bed dormitory in the attic.

All the rooms are cosy, atmospheric and unique.

The Old Cigar Factory is located in Valkenswaard, 20 minutes by bus from Eindhoven. The building is located in the center of town, but as soon as you enter the Factory, you don’t hear or feel the outside world. Only a 2 min walk away, you find a park with a little lake and from there you can directly walk into the forest.


In between the classes and workshops you can nourish your body with delicious, fresh and healthy vegan/vegetarian food. Everything will be homemade and prepared with a lot of love by Renée, our Kitchen Fairy.

Renée is a great cook, she understands how flavours can complement each other and creates the most delicious dishes, the Middle Eastern and Indian cuisine being her favourites.

Two big nourishing meals per day are included in this retreat, both breakfast and dinner. For lunch there will be plenty of food available for you to create a lunch or to snack. Think of fruits, veggies, bread and dips.

Please let us know if you have any dietary requirements or allergies and we will do our best to fullfill your needs.


* EARLY BIRD: before 22th of December *

  • Directors Office (Private Room)
    • Only € 870 per person
  • Double Room
    • Only 690 per person
    • Only €1340 for two people (€40 discount)
  • 4-bed Dormitory
    • Only €670 per person

**REGULAR BIRD: From 22th of December**

  • Directors Office
    • Only €920 per person
  • Double Room
    • Only €740 per person
    • Only €1440 for 2 people (40 euro discount)
  • 4-bed Dormitory
    • Only €720 per person

Included in the price:

  • A magical Soul Art® journey – 5 days of workshop
  • All the material for your Soul Art creation process are included
  • 2 Yoga classes per day
  • Lots of joy
  • Cacao Ceremony
  • 5 days and 4 nights accomodation
  • Nourishing Vegan or Vegetarian meals
  • Unlimited snacks, drinks and love
  • Igniting your Creative Superpower
  • A party for your Inner Creative Child and lots of laughter


“Thank you for the retreat, thank you for the retreat, thank you for the retreat, it’s healing, it’s healing, it’s healing with love…. It was a real treat to be at The Art of You retreat. -Anita-

How to register

To keep things simple, just register by sending us a message! And make sure to be in time, there are limited spots only.


Please feel free to contact us with any questions or doubts you might have. Send us a message on Instagram, through the mail or on whatsapp. Or even better: just give us a call, then we can give you more information and look at the possibilities together!

Dechen: dechenkata@gmail.com, +31657931768

Instagram Dechen

Lieke: theforagingyogi@hotmail.com, +31613253723

Instagram Lieke